Magento Theme Development India

We at Tcodex Technolab in India offer Magento theme development and customization of Magento as per your requirements.

Also we updated our all magento theme designing with Responsive Type i.e., compatible for mobile and tablet. Our developers are trainned with php css and well experienced in handling of Magento cutomization.

We regularly outsource Magento theme development e commerce payment gate way integration work from companies in India, Australia, Canada and USA.

How we work on Magento e commerce module.

We start to work after getting the entire detailed requirements from our clients.

How much time will take for magento customization work.

It depending on the requirement. In general it will take min of 3 – 5 working days.


Advantages of Magento Development company

Magento themes are stored in design packages. Every package can have multiple themes. When you install Magento, 3 packages are available.

  • Base Package: The default Magento theme with all the necessary work files are placed in here. Never, ever delete or edit Base packages files
  • Default Package: this package is found in CE edition of Magento not in EE. This can be removed safely from the package while installation and can be restored while upgrading Magento.
  • RWD: It is the new package which contains new responsive Magento theme.
  • Magento has two main folders in collaboration with each other.
  • “App Directory” contains files which controls how template pages are rendered.
  • “Skin Directory” contains files which controls site’s appearance.

Advantages of Magento Development company

Skin files


  • The layout folder has XML files which defines and control structural and content blocks of the theme.
  • The template folder has .phtml files – contains the markup for each Magento blocks which are displayed in the front-end

Template Files


  • Skin folder has everything such as CSS, images, js, Sass etc
  • Do remember the package and the theme names must be same in both the design and skin folders